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The NSW Axemen's Association (NSWAA), officially known as the Federation of NSW Axemen's Associations Inc., was formed in the early 1980's. It replaced the NSW Axemen's Council as the overarching regulatory body for woodchopping and sawing in NSW.

Principal aims of the Association include encouraging woodchopping and sawing throughout NSW, facilitating better organisation between area associations, and general promotion of the sport. Within NSW there are six area associations, each in place to govern specific geographical regions.

- Central Coast

- Metropolitan

- Mid Western

- North Coast

- South Coast & Tablelands

- South East

Handicap System

The NSWAA are currently working on the creation of a statewide handicap system to solve any current discrepancies found across the individual area associations.


The aim of this is to make the handicap system more transparent, to ensure a level handicap playing field for all axemen and women at every woodchopping carnival. 

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