NSW State Titles 2019 - 2020

NSW Champion of Champions 2019 – 2020

Final Standings

1:  Blake Marsh (26.5)

2.  Brad Delosa (25.25)

3:  David Reumer (17.25)

4:  Chris Owen (16)

5.  Wayne Parlett (9.5)

Standing Block

NSW 250mm Standing Block Championship

Camden Show– Show Cancelled

NSW 275mm Standing Block Championship 

Quirindi Heritage Village Woodchop

Points: Blake Marsh (5), Dan Clissold (3),
Lachlan Bryce (2), Matthew Moore (1)

NSW 300mm Standing Block Championship

Wollombi Tavern

Points: Phillip Waters (5), Blake Marsh (3), 
Dan Clissold (2), Steve Waters (1)

NSW 325mm Standing Block Championship

Kiama Show – Show Cancelled

NSW 350mm Standing Block Championship

Karuah Timber & Oyster Festival

Points: Brad Delosa (5), Blake Marsh (3), 
Dan Clissold (2), Chris Owen (1)

NSW 375mm Standing Block Championship

Mudgee, Court House Hotel

Won by Glen Gillam (VIC)

Points: Murray Newman (5), Matthew Moore (3),
Graeme Love (2), Chris Delosa (1)

NSW 275mm Standing Block Elimination Championship

Grafton Show

Won by Glen Gillam (VIC)

Points: Chris Owen (5), Brad Delosa (2),
Brendan Marsh (2), Dan Shipman (2)

NSW 300mm Standing Block Hard Hitting

Karuah Timber & Oyster Festival

Points: Chris Owen (5), Brad Delosa (3), 

Blake Marsh (2), Dan Clissold (1)

NSW 450mm Butchers Block Championship

Tree Felling

NSW 275mm Tree Felling Championship
Lismore Show

Won by Josh Adamson (QLD)

Points: Austin Scrivener (5), Mitchell Scrivener (3),
Chris Owen (2)

NSW 300mm Tree Felling Championship


NSW 250mm Combination Championship

Walcha Show

Won by Brodie Dingle (QLD)

Points: Brad Delosa (5), Blake Marsh (3),
David Reumer (2), Chris Owen (1)



NSW 275mm Underhand Championship

Camden Show – Show Cancelled

NSW 300mm Underhand Championship 

Bathurst Show

Won by Glen Gillam (VIC)

Points: David Reumer (5), Curtis Bennett (3),
Wayne Parlett (2), Dylan Smith (1)

NSW 325mm Underhand Championship

Grafton Show

Won by Glen Gillam (VIC)

Points: Blake Marsh (5), Brad Delosa (3),
Beau Kettle (2)

NSW 350mm Underhand Championship

Ellalong Hotel

Points: David Reumer (5), Phillip Waters (3),
Blake Marsh (2), Brad Delosa (1)

NSW 375mm Underhand Championship

Dubbo Show

Points: David Reumer (5), Brad Delosa (3),
Blake Marsh (2), Murray Newman (1)

NSW 300mm Underhand Hard Hitting

Mudgee, Court House Hotel

Won by Glen Gillam (VIC)

Points: Wayne Parlett (5), Graeme Love (3),
Bill Harris (2), Nathan Graham (1)

NSW 500mm Butchers Block Championship


NSW 375mm Single Handed Sawing Championship

Berry Show – Show Cancelled

NSW 400mm Single Sawing Championship

Walcha Show

Points: Leon Critchfield (5), Brad Delosa (3),
Chris Owen (2), Dan Clissold (1)

NSW 500mm Double Handed Sawing Championship

Kiama Show – Show Cancelled

NSW 450mm Double Handed Sawing Championship

Maitland Show

Points: Leon Critchfield and Wayne Parlett (2.5),

Blake Marsh and Noel Marsh (1.5), 

Justin Beckett and Mitchell Kirk (1),

Dead heat: Dan Clissold and Will Brook (0.5), Brad Delosa and David Reumer (0.5). Competitors awarded 0.25 points each.