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Like to become a member?


If you are interested in the sport of woodchopping and would like to know more, please contact your nearest area Association.


Once a member, you can choose to attend as many or few events as you would like, compete for fun, or train hard and aim to mix it with the best. Woodchopping is a rewarding sport for both male and female athletes,. You will improve your strength and fitness, and also meet some great people along the way.


  • Contact details for Associations can be found on our Contacts Page.

  • Please check with your relevant Association in regards to their starting age for Juniors

  • NSWAA membership year is from 1 January through to 31 December. ​


Please note that membership is due 1 January, or prior to your first competition/event for the calendar year. 

2024 NSWAA Membership Fees


Please note fees for 2025 will be raised inline with the Australian Axemen's Association increase.


Senior $100

Competitor 18 – 59 years

Veteran $100
60 years and over

Pensioner $40.00
Those with a Pension Card

Junior $40

Under 18 years

Life Member $40 and
non-competing $20

Sawyer $40

Compete in sawing events only

Associate $40

Non-competing member

First Time Member $30

Per carnival – maximum three carnivals per calendar year

Training Day $25

Non-competing – per year

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